Public Speaking

"You Owe -- And I'm Here to Collect."

Trey Taylor is on a mission to challenge CEOs everywhere to live up to the sacrifices that others have made to put them where they are today.


Trey reminds executives to remember the mentorship, education, and help that family, team members, and mentors made in their career paths - and to spend their time making those contributions pay dividends in the lives of people.


Audiences love Trey's authenticity, the insights he shares and the unique way he challenges people to look within for the stories that shape their lives.

Sample Topics Include:

1.   Crossing the Rubicon:  Making the Choice to Be the CEO Your Were Always Meant to Be

2.   Echelon Theory:  The Hidden Secrets of Whole Person Management

3.   In Your Corner:  What Personal Support Means to Your People

4.   Find Your Focus:  Clear Your Mind for Greater Achievement

​Whether your event is large - like the Human Capital Institute or the Ascend Conference - or small, Trey Taylor will make your group think about the essential and important questions in an entertaining and energetic way

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