How Your KPIs Can Create a Sense of Ownership

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

A CEO must not only articulate and track the key performance indicators that everyone in the business must be pursuing at all times, but she also must use those numbers to instill in her people a sense of ownership thinking. In other words, the numbers are a springboard for helping your people see the impact of their work and a means for helping them to take more proactive roles in moving those numbers in the right direction.

As the company finds success with this approach to numbers, you then have the responsibility to use the results from the combined efforts of you and your people to not only continue growing the business but also to reinforce the sense of teamwork and collaboration that made those results possible in the first place. In other words, revenue itself is an opportunity, and you should be thinking strategically about how to leverage it well-before the capital has been realized.

With this framework, where your people once asked, “why am I doing this?” they can begin a task understanding why it matters to the business. And, if you frame it in the right way, you can help them to see why it matters to them as individuals, how reaching that goal is not only good for the business but good for them.

Leading from numbers begins with having worthwhile numbers in the first place. A CEO must articulate the key performance indicators that everyone in the business should pursue. He must teach his people to track those KPIs down to the level of daily work. He must publish and review those results within an appropriate time-frame to make meaningful course corrections.

Your numbers are your guideposts as you venture in deeper waters. If you don’t know where you are, you can’t expect your people to know either.

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