CEO Academy

The Head, Heart and Soul of Leadership

More and more businesses are being founded around the world each year. Technological breakthroughs, greater access to capital in increasing amounts, mega-trends affecting traditional business models.


All of these factors have made it possible for masses of people to start a business, and the great majority of them have no formal training of any kind in the managerial and executive work required to operate an efficient and profitable enterprise. Nor do these entrepreneurs have the luxury of time and excess capital to spend on acquiring those skills in a traditional academic setting.


‚ÄčThe CEO Academy is designed to bridge this gap for busy executives. Through 4 in-person intense group classroom sessions, 4 video group sessions, and unlimited personal coaching from the author of the course, Trey Taylor, the CEO Academy drives its participants to manifest and achieve higher goals than have ever been possible before. 


Focusing on Culture, People and Numbers, our participant CEOs work individually and in small-group sessions to harness the power of intentionality into previously unattainable results.

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